Welcome at DNA Nature Photography DNA stands for our initials of our first names: Daan, Noa and Anouschka, and it is our objective to show you the beauty and wonders of nature. Especially from a part of the world seldom seen by most of us, the underwater world. It is full of amazing creatures, great and small. But the environment in which they live is very hostile to us and the electronic instruments we use to photograph them. Underwater photography is therefore a speciality within the art of photography. The aim is to record the animals, their behavior and their underwater  environment. But also creative pictures can show the unique features of the aquatic environment. As it is our believe that “us humans” are a product of nature, our own creations form also an intrinsic part of nature. If we want to survive as a species, it is our duty to take great care of our home planet. We hope this site will tentilise your senses to further explore the wonders of nature, above and under water... Made with MAGIX
News  31/05/2011 Belgium wins silver at the World Championship for Underwater Photography in Turkey The Belgian team takes the Siver medalion in the category “Macro” and ends 10th overall.