Hi, My name is Daan Delbare and I have always been fascinated by the  underwater world. The voyages of the Calypso, with Jacques Yves  Cousteau and his team was my favorite program, with Falco as my  hero. But at that time I was convinced that diving was something for  super men. So I started to keep fish in an aquarium. Very soon I  became very good at it and I was breeding different species of fish.  Weekly I loaded my box of fish on my bicycle, to sell them in the  aquariumshop. Because my goal was to breed good quality fish with  specific characteristics, I always fedged good prices. For a 10 year  old, “Mendel's Laws” had no secrets.  When I was 14 years I followed a course in windsurfing in the south  of France. It was there that I made my first dive. One couple had all  there gear with them and after asking them for the million’th time,  they geared me up and took my down. I didn’t turn into a super  hero, but when I got back  home, the one thing I wanted to do was  DIVING. The only problem was that I was to young to dive in open  water with the local diving school. But I was persistent enough and  soon I made my first dive in dark cold water in Belgium.  At the age of 16, I bought my first underwater camera with the  money I earned from breeding fish. It all started....    Daan Made with MAGIX DNA Nature Photography Daan